Sunday, April 7, 2013

Duck Dynasty Birthday Party!

My sister and I are big fans of the show Duck Dynasty, so she decided she wanted to have a Duck Dynasty birthday party. We thought the internet would be jam-packed of awesome ideas, but when we searched, we didn't find all that much. That's why I've decided to post our party ideas to inspire other Duck Dynasty fans. :) Hope you enjoy!

Invitations: We like doing Evites for our parties, so we found an awesome camofluage Evite that we were able to add a Duck Dynasty picture to. We had a lot of fun making it and writing out the description of what the party was about. We tried to make it as Duck Dynasty-like as possible, even stating that the location of the party was Duck Commander Co., Monroe, Louisiana (AKA: our house).
- Camouflage: We went to Party City and were able to get a lot of camouflage decorations from their "Army" section. We picked up camouflage streamers, banners, tablecloths, plates, wrapping paper, and pencils for the goody bags. We also went to WalMart and bought some camouflage fabric to use for decoration (we ended up using it as another tablecloth).
We actually used camo wrapping paper to decorate this wall, along with camo streamers, our homemade Duck Commander sign, and the fabric duck we found.

The banners and flags we picked up from Party City.
- Ducks: Of course, you can't have a Duck Dynasty party without ducks! We found a great fabric duck from the Dollar Store that we put on the wall, and lucky for us the party was right after Easter, so we shopped early and were able to find some other ducks at the Dollar Store. We also borrowed some plastic ducks that you can stick in the ground and put them in our front yard for the guests to see when they walk in. We had a ceramic duck my sister had painted a long time ago, so we used that along with some fake branches to make the centerpiece of the table.
The duck and fake leaves made a great centerpiece!

These cute ducks welcomed our guests when they came to the door.
- The Robertsons & Duck Commander: We printed out some pictures of the Robertsons and put them up around our house (my sister's favourite is Si, so we had lots of pictures of him). We also created our own Duck Commander sign using cardboard to put up on the wall. My sister drew out the Duck Commander logo on another piece of cardboard and put it in our window. She also made a sign that said "<--- Duck Dynasty Warehouse" and put it up on the streetlight in front of our house.
- Making Beards: When the guests came in, we had them all make beards with some brown felt. We also had some brown yarn that they could use to tie it on to their face.
Our beard-making supplies
- Lawnmower Races: (Inspired by episode #17: The Grass and the Furious) Since Willie and the guys had a lawnmower race, we had one too. We borrowed two toy lawnmowers and set up an obstacle course in the backyard. The guests were divided into 2 teams, and had to race their toy lawnmowers around and try to be the fastest team.
- Duck Hunt: We sent the guests out on a duck hunt... well, a duck scavenger hunt. We hid 60 fun foam ducks (from the Dollar Store) in a nearby park. Then we divided the guests into pairs and gave them 5 minutes to find as many ducks as they could. Each duck was worth 1 point, but we also hid "The Golden Duck" (a plastic Easter egg with a duck bill, eyes, and feet), which was worth 3 points.

- Duck Shoot: We had a bunch of ducks set up in the backyard, each with different point values written on them. We split the guests into teams and gave each team a toy gun. The teams had to try and shoot the ducks. If they hit a duck, they got the amount of points written on it. If they knocked the duck over, they recieved bonus points.
- Beehive Pinata: (Inspired by episode #10: Plan Bee) Since Willie, Si, and Jase went after the wild honey in that beehive, we made a paper-maché beehive of our own. We covered a balloon with multiple layers of newspaper, then used yellow streamers to give it a beehive look. We also made cute little fun foam bees that we stuck on the pinata. It actually took a long time for our pinata to break, and when it did the guests went crazy going after the candy inside.
- Frog-Eating Contest: (Inspired by episode #4: Frog in One) Because Jase expressed his profound love of eating frogs, we decided to make our guests eat some too. We bought gummy frogs and gave each guest 10 to eat. Whoever ate all of their frogs the fastest (and showed us their mouth so we knew they'd actually swallowed them), was the winner.
- Pin the Beard on Si: Because Si is my sister's favourite Robertson, we came up with this fun variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Each guest was blindfolded and had to try and get Si's beard closest to where it actually was. Some were amazingly accurate, and some... not so much.
- Duck Bowling: (Inspired by episode #38: Bass Man Standing) Since Miss Kay decided to spend some quality time with John Luke and Sadie (and their friends) by going bowling with them, we came up with our own bowling challenge. We split the guests into 2 teams, and each team competed to see who could knock over the most bowling pins. We used a plastic toy bowling set and printed out pictures of ducks that we stuck on the pins.
- Donut-Eating Contest: (inspired by episode #25: Of Mattresses and Men) Because Si, Jase, Martin, and Godwin had a donut-eating contest, we decided that we should have one too. Each guest was given one donut on a plate, and had to eat their donut without using their hands. They couldn't move the plate or the donut with anything but their mouth. Whoever ate their donut the fastest was the winner.
- Duck Dynasty Trivia: Our last activity was a trivia game about the Duck Dynasty series. The guests watched one episode of the show (it would have been better if they could have watched a couple episodes, but we were running out of time), and then were divided into 2 teams. Because some guests had watched the show a lot, but others had never seen it, we made the teams by pairing up two fans of the show with two people who hadn't watched it to make the teams fair. I made a Powerpoint with trivia of the show that ranged from super-easy (who is the CEO of Duck Commander), to a bit more difficult (what was Si's old truck named?). We also had a "Quoteable Quotes" section, were I put a quote on the screen and the teams had to guess who said it. The trivia was multiple choice, and to avoid everyone screaming out the answer at the same time, we gave each team a set of letters that corresponded with the choices on the screen (a, b, c, and d). The teams were given time (30 seconds max.) to deliberate over the answer to the question, and then I'd say "go" and each team would hold up the letter that corresponded with what they thought was the answer to the question.
We printed off these camo letters for them to hold up.
Here's a link to the video I made of my Powerpoint Slideshow. Feel free to use it at your party or make your own! I've only made each question stay up for about 5 seconds (so that the video was 4 minutes long instead of 40), so feel free to pause it and take your time answering the questions, because after the 5 seconds are up, the answer will pop up. There is music to accompany it, but feel free to mute it or turn the volume down so it doesn't get too distracting for the kids. Sorry that it's not amazing quality... make sure to turn it up to the highest quality possible when you're watching it on YouTube.
Food & Drinks:
- Food: Because a lot of our challenges involved eating, food, or candy of some sort, we didn't have a lot of other food. For snacks we had chips, and since the party was just after Easter we bought Peeps (to kind of look like ducks) for the guests to eat. We had pizza for dinner (inspired by episode #36: Tickets to the Fun Show) since Si shared his love of pizza from the children's fun centre.
We figured that Peeps were close enough to ducks. :)
- Drinks: For drinks, we borrowed some Mason jars to use as cups, just like the Robertsons do on the show. To help everyone keep track of their cups, we printed off the Duck Commander logo and put each guest's name underneath it. Then we cut them out and taped them to the jars. If you want to make them a bit more durable, you could laminate them, but for us the paper worked just fine. Of course, we served "Sweet Tea" because of Si (although we live in Canada, so it was just normal ice tea/Nestea).
- Cake: We created a hunting scene cake using a 9x13 pan and chocolate cake (to make it look more like dirt). We used blue icing to create a pond, then piped green icing around it to look like grass. We used plastic trees, bushes, and a duck to decorate the cake. We also made our own "duck blind" and put pictures of Willie, Si, and Phil sitting inside of it. Finally, we made a banner that said "Happy Happy Happy Birthday Emma" to put on the cake.
Goodie Bags:
My sister got really creative with the goodie bags, and came up with some really cute ideas! The bag was labelled "Hunting Supplies", and she made each item relevant to Duck Dynasty. Here's what we had:
- Camouflage pencil
- Marshmallow (for your "Mallow Dog" - inspired by episode #29: Duck Season Eve)
- A noisemaker (your Duck Call)
- Scented body mist (your bug spray)
- A chocolate duck (your duck decoy)
- A chocolate egg (your bomb)
- A frog keychain (what you caught while hunting)
- Kit Kat bars (ammunition)
We also gave each guest a camouflage bandana to wear during the party and take home with them.
Video Clips:
Because some of our guests had never seen Duck Dynasty before, we thought that they'd be really confused about us asking them to do lawnmower races and eat frogs, so we found clips from the episodes that our activities were inspired by. We showed these clips to the guests before doing each activity so that they understood why they were doing it. Here are the links to each clip we used. Most of them are from the A&E Network's website.
Plan Bee Episode (note that this is the full episode, but we used from 10:44 to 12:23 to show the Robertsons and the beehive)
So that was our Duck Dynasty party! It turned out great and everyone had a lot of fun! Hopefully these ideas will help you with your own Duck Dynasty party. :)